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Introduction to Reservoir Simulation for Non-Petroleum Engineers

Reservoir simulation refers to the study of fluid movement in petroleum reservoirs. It is achieved by capturing the physics governing the flow of multiphase fluids in porous reservoir rocks and solving them numerically, analogous to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) encountered in the Mechanical, Aerospace or Chemical Engineering fields.

Reservoir simulation allows prediction of oil and gas produced under various operating conditions as a function of time. This has major implications on the design and operation of surface facilities including pipelines and topsides. Oftentimes, engineers from other disciplines use the data (typically in terms of yearly oil, gas, and water productions) supplied by petroleum engineers without any context or understanding on how those data were generated. In fact, reservoirs are often viewed as mysterious black-boxes by non-petroleum engineers, with little visibility on what is happening underground.

In this webinar, we will explore some of the fundamentals of reservoir simulation including its theory and applications. We will also cover the important terminologies usually encountered when working with reservoir or petroleum engineers. This webinar is suitable for engineers and scientists (Process/Chemical, Flow Assurance, Mechanical, Electrical), or students from any technical background.

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