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Introduction to Pipenet (for Liquid Pressure Surge Analysis

Water hammer (or liquid pressure surge) is a commonly observed phenomenon taking place in any liquid transportation systems such as water distribution system, fire water system, diesel pumping systems, etc.

Water hammer occurs when the momentum of the fluid suddenly changes, such as due to pump trip, sudden blockage or sudden valve closing, which results in a pressure wave being developed in the system. This pressure wave can exceed design pressure and cause accidents and fatalities if neglected. Understanding water hammer is important in determining the best way to prevent such incidents.

Other than that, it is also very important for an engineer to determine the quantitative values of the hydraulic transient to provide a more cost-effective solution to the problem. Using the right software for the analysis allows the engineer to evaluate the hydraulic transient events with great confidence.

In this webinar, we will take you through a quick overview and some basic concepts associated with water hammer. We will also introduce a software called PIPENET by Sunrise Systems Ltd (UK) to perform the water hammer hydraulic computation and discuss its capabilities/ limitations by comparing with other traditional process simulators such as Aspen HYSYS and OLGA.

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