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Cold Blowdown: Distributed Model Approach

Depressurization, or blowdown, is a highly complex physical phenomenon involving physical and thermodynamic changes that should be taken into account to a high degree of fidelity for safety design. One of the main objectives of cold blow down simulation is to determine the Minimum Design Metal Temperature (MDMT) for the studied system. Most blowdown segments of practical interest involve multiple vessels, with internals and piping.

However, a common approach used in performing cold blow down simulation is by using a Lumped Model strategy in which the whole system is represented using a single vessel. The resultant minimum metal temperature is assumed to be the MDMT for the whole system. In reality, the places where liquid can accumulate can experience much colder temperatures.

In this webinar, we will take you through a quick overview on how to perform the cold blowdown simulation using a Distributed Model approach, which takes into account the inventory, pressure drops and heat transfer across the system. The detailed spatial temperature distribution obtained from the simulation will help the client to accurately identify potential embrittlement areas and minimize the usage of expensive construction materials designed for low-temperature service.

Investing in a suitably rigorous analysis can ensure your process equipment and instruments are robustly protected at a lower capital expenditure in the long run.

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