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Ten Commandments of Process Simulation

There is a common misconception that process simulation models are mirrors of actual process units and behave exactly the same way.

The complex behaviour of fluids and processing equipment are generally simplified in most flowsheet process simulation software. Consequently, the results of these software’s computations may be misinterpreted by the user and lead to issues in design and operations.

Understanding how these process simulators work and what they are designed to solve is the key to utilizing them correctly.

In this webinar, Owner and Principal Engineer of East101, Ir Rafil Elyas will be sharing his 30 years of experience, expertise, and know-how.

Gain valuable insights into the right way to approach the task of building a simulation model to ensure you get the results you need, make informed decisions, minimizing the unknowns in process design, costing, operability, controllability, and safety.

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